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World’s AIDS Day

Support World AIDS Day

Today it’s World AIDS Day. AIDS is not a distant fairy tale, it doesn’t just happen to someone else. I was shocked to aprise from the TV today that in Italy there is someone infected with AIDS every two hours. And this is news from one of the western countries, where apparently AIDS is not spreading very much as in the rest of the world. In South Africa the situation is much worse. Remember that AIDS is a threat that can be prevented and, one day, it will also be cured. Think about it for a moment, if you can support researches against AIDS, if you can help in any way, today is the day.


  • Elsayed issa

    In spite of your expected no response
    I will you that no researcher take care of the importance of natural killer cells(NK) and to what extent affeced by HIV and what is the huge roles to srike the infected cells if NK increased significantlly using simple herbs which kill, repair and ensure perfect Immune Response feneticaly controled.

  • Elisabetta Bruno

    My expected no response? Did I ever see you before?

    You realize this wasn’t a scientific post, don’t you?

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