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Working With A Designer

You have this brilliant promotional idea and you want to materialize it in a printed booklet. Or you need a logo, a flyer, a borchure and you need a designer to design it for you, but you don’t know where to begin. You are not totally sure that you understand what the designer is saying, or you just can’t get the designer to comprehend what you are trying to accomplish. An all too common scenario is a design where you have carefully chosen colours which look great on the designer’s screen, but when printed on your desktop printer they are totally wrong. What went wrong?

Katherine Huck, owner of Keystone Design, explains “all the stuff you never knew you wanted to know” in a short and simple handbook entitled Working With a Designer. This hanbook is designed to create a bridge between the designer and the non-technically trained client, explaining in very simple terms key concepts that will make the designer and client’s lives much easier. You can download the Working With A Designer handbook from this very site.

If you have enquiries of any type, you can contact Keystone Design.

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