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Where the Hell Did You Go?

That’s right. I haven’t been publishing very much lately, but this is about to change. I have been off doing stuff, getting a new job as Art Director and Graphic Designer in a design studio and a number of things. Enjoy your party until you can because I will be back soon.

In the mean time I would like to remind you of a few sites that are worth following:

A 360 degrees view of the creative world. Need I say more?

Quark VS InDesign
By one of my favourites, Pariah S. Burke. If you are into InDesign, QuarkXPress, and the state of the design industry, this site is loaded with info, news, editorial, etc.

About Desktop Publishing
A site so full of info, tutorials, courses about DTP that you’ll loose yourself in it and will become addicted without realizing it. And then it’ll be too late. There are three forums conntected to this site, with the most beautiful and kick-butt moderator in the world. Now I wonder who that might be.

About Graphics Software
Another site with tons of resources about graphic programs, raster and vector, a Photoshop course, and lots of other things for both professionals and beginners. There are two forums conneted to this site, and also here you find the same charming and irresistable forum moderator you find in About Desktop Publishing.

Say it with me, “Speculative work is bad, I will never work on spec.” Good, now repeat this another 500 times and you’ll be all right. Alternatively, you can find out what spec work really is on NO!SPEC and how it harms the design industry and the single designer.

Ok, I’d like to chat but gotta go. So enjoy these sites and I’ll see you back here soon.


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