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Typography Upside Down

Actually I am talking about kerning. There’s a great typography tip on Prepressology on how to kern letters:

Kerning can be a tricky part of dealing with typography. Recently a fellow designer shared a method she uses and I thought it was really clever. Trying to deal with kerning can sometimes be a bit frustrating but this little tip can take some of that frustration away.

Flip the text 180 degrees. Yes, that’s it!

I advise you read the rest of the article, because it will turn very useful.

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  • Jake

    Thanks for stopping by and featuring my article. I appreciate your time. I am glad you enjoyed spending some time at the site. Please stop back again soon. Thanks again for the feature.

  • Elisabetta Bruno

    You are welcome, your tip deserved the feature. I really do feel you have a great site Jake, and I do come to it regularly. Keep it up.

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