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Tip O’ the Day: Know Your Stuff, Answer Client’s Questions

Today’s tip is inspired by something that is happening to me with a design job I am doing and that is frustrating me. I am in a situation where both me and my client are the printer’s client.

I couldn’t get an answer from the printer to the simple question: “What format do you want the logo in?” (the logo is for a sign) I had to suggest to him which format would have been better for that kind of job.

Another question I couldn’t get an answer to is: “Do you want the artwork to be RGB or CMYK?” Not knowing what method of printing they were going to use I had to ask. Days passed by and I didn’t yet get an answer, which so far I have asked three times.

So what’s the moral?

Know your stuff and answer the client’s questions with precision. Do it fast, too.

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