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Tip O’ the Day: Don’t Rely On Google as Your Source of Graphics

As a Graphic Designer you will need to use graphics and photos for your projects. It’s very easy to search for them on Google Images, Yahoo! or other search engines, but it is not always the correct thing to do. Simply because those images are on the web, it doesn’t mean that they are not protected by copyright, and by just grabbing them without permission you might infringe the author’s right. Futher images on the web are often low resolution, thus they are not suited for print design work.

If you need art or photos, stock photography sites are your best source. There are a lot of free ones but you also can buy stock images in CDs and so forth. Samuel John Klein on Designorati mentions a couple of stock photography sites. It’s also good to hone your skills in creating graphics when you need those instead of photos.

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