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Tip O’ the Day: Choose the Right Printer for the Job

You need to always think with the end product of what you design. Unless you are a specialized designer, for example one who only creates logos, you will need to know almost as many printers as the types of design projects you deal with.

Usually printers that mainly deal with envelope printing, won’t also produce posters, others that deal with exhibition panels won’t likely to also print large runs of flyers, but can probably print a small run on a digital printer. This is not to say that multitasking printers don’t exist. Yet there are also those who say they can do a certain type of printing, but in actual fact they have to outsource the job to someone else. Depending on the relationship you have with the printer this could be good, but if you have never used them before, maybe it could be cheaper and faster to go directly to those who can do the type of printing you need.

Find out what printers you have in your area, which ones are best suited for what type of printing and you’ll save yourself and your clients time and money. This also allows you to establish a relantioship with them as you know that “Joe can do bla best”, so you don’t have printers do lots of quotes without jobs coming in. Trust is built and they are likely help you when you need it.

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