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What The Great Artists Saw

  Image by katsrcool. The vibrant colours of ‘Water Lilies’ by Claude Monet, and the diaphanous tutus in ‘The Dance Class’ painted by Edgar Degas, are two famous examples of French impressionism. But did you know that both Degas and Monet painted with degenerative eye conditions? Michael Marmor, an Opthamologist from Stanford University, made it his mission to show the …

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Free Online Art Galleries

For art lovers, the Internet is an incredible resource. For both people who create their own and those who just appreciate it, endless websites have been made to accommodate the artistically inclined. Even for people who want to get the art gallery experience without the gallery. Knowing well the frustration of being unable to visit every gallery in the world, …

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Give Your Print Some LIFE

Many believe that since the dawn of email, online editorials, and social networks, print has been on a sharp decline in almost all of its forms from journalism to promotional material and further fields. Some would even go so far as to say that print is dead. I, on the other hand, believe that print is still very much alive. …

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Graphic Design

The August Wallpapers from Smashing Magazine

For those who get tired of their wallpapers very fast, Smashing Magazine posts a collection of handpicked wallpapers every month. There are wallpapers for all tastes, from grunge to sleek, from illustrations to 3D rendered graphics. You don’t only choose from a wide range of sizes, you can also choose whether you want the monthly calendar, in this case for …

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