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Strange Yahoo! Ad Policy

I just read an article on Boing Boing which really left me speechless.

Ads are often a financial support for site owners and especially bloggers and they often allow them to keep online content free. Google ads are famous, and also despised, but they are a necessary evil for some people. When I found the aforementioned article in my cybertravels I started to think that maybe my caffeine level had gotten too high. Maybe you’ll be wondering the same too, once you read it. Here’s probably the best part right from a reply from a staff of “Yahoo! Customer Solutions” to the person involved:

per section 11.l of the Terms and Conditions, you are in violation if your ads receive traffic from sources outside the United States. However, there are scripts and programs which you can initiate to block international users from viewing or encountering your Yahoo! Publisher Network ads. We do not recommend or support these methods, but we do suggest finding a method to block this kind of traffic so you remain in compliance with the Terms and Conditions.

While I do not have access to the terms and conditions of the Yahoo! advertising program, you have a look at the first paragraph of the application form to understand that the article on Boing Boing is factual.

I am not sure how Yahoo! expects to have many users to have sites that are not visited by non-US residents, but please, do read the rest article and have a chuckle.


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