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Macworld Expo Coverage

If you didn’t go to the Macworld conference and have not yet read the news about it, here are some articles you can read so you can get in the know.

As bias as I am, being one of their Editors, I am going to show you first the coverage by Designorati. Our In-House Editor, Vadim Litvak attended the conference and has provided rather detailed information about it:

Because Quark released the beta version of QuarkXPress 7 I have taken this opportunity to have a look at the program as it stands so far. Have a look at my review of the QuarkXPress 7 Beta.

Macworld.com provided live coverage during the expo. You can see it here. This site also has plenty of articles about the new releaeses of the conference and it’s a great resource for those who want to find out everything about it.

Do you want to see the MacBook Pro in action? Know how good (or bad) iLife 06 is? Do you want a post-Macworld report? Then check out The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

There are tons of other sites that cover the Macworld expo, but you not only risk to spend the rest of your life reading them all, I’d do the same providing all the links here. So what about watching the expo itself? You can with Apple’s webcast.

All right I tricked you. I wanted you to read the resources I provided before telling you that you could watch the expo itself. I just wanted to share with you the articles I spent time finding. If you didn’t make it there, hopefully these will make up for it. Enjoy your conference.

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