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InDesign Tutorials, an Overview

While there will be InDesign tutorials on ThinkCreation soon, you can already have a look at those I have written on other sites. Following is the list of tutorials as of February 2006 and where to find them.

InDesign Work Area
Familiarize yourself with InDesign CS’ workspace, its palettes and menus. Published also on About Desktop Publishing.

Unexpected White Outlines Around Graphics in InDesign
Graphics look fine in InDesign, but they don’t when you make a PDF. This is often a problem with transparencies. Published also on About Desktop Publishing

Threaded Text in InDesign CS
Find out how to flow text into two or more text frames.

How to Set Up a Document in InDesign CS (multipart tutorial)
This lesson will introduce InDesign’s document area… where the later design magic takes place. Also on About Desktop Publishing.

InDesign CS’ Advanced Typographical Controls
Find out about the Paragraph Composer and Single Line Composer, control hyphenation and more.

Working With Colour in InDesign CS (multipart tutorial)
Here’s how to use the Colour palette, Swatches palette and also brief explanation the Gradients palette. Published also on About Desktop Publishing.

Importing Spot Colours
Working with spot colours and the Swatches Palette.

InDesign CS’ Tools Palette (multipart tutorial)
A fairly in-depth view of the tools palette. Published also on About Desktop Publishing.

The Paragraph Palette
You will find that as an InDesign user the Paragraph palette is one of the most needed tools.

Design with Character—InDesign Character Style Sheets
Character Style Sheets can be real time savers for designers especially in the creation of long or multi-page documents. Also published on About Desktop Publishing.

Add Style and Save Time with Paragraph Style Sheets
Paragraph styles allow designers to achieve and keep consistency throughout documents.

InDesign CS and CS2 How-to: Typographer Quotes, Bulleted Lists & Dot Leaders
This tutorial will cover three amongst the most common typographical tasks as they are handled with InDesign CS & CS2.

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