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Importance of Typography in the Overall Design of Your Website

Typography on the Web


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When designing a website, it is essential to design it with customers in mind. A well designed website will bring in, and keep more customers. A website should have well written content, and have a clear message. One should also leave out flash videos and audio files that can be detrimental to slow browsers. While keeping in mind that a large percentage of website browsers are now visiting with phones and tablets. One such way to have a stunning website design is to have good typography. Good typography can make a website much more enjoyable to visitors. Here, are some tips to choose the perfect typography for your website.


The most valuable thing about any website content is that the visitor can read the content. Many websites make it exceedingly difficult to read the writing on their pages. Make sure that everyone can read a websites content. This means users on old computers, on phones and even on tablets. Also, keep in mind that some website visitors may have poor vision. If a website is not readable, it will certainly be skipped over by viewers. Having an appropriate font and background will catapult a site past many others.


Color is a vital aspect to typography. The right colors can bring out the typography on a website, and make it much more readable. Any colors chosen should accentuate the websites attractiveness and make it more enjoyable to view. A color scheme done poorly can make the typography difficult to read and turn off customers. There are even certain colors that are needed depending on the goal. For example, many people use yellow for marketing.

Stand Out

Many people work on their typography to get their site to stand out. It is extremely valuable to do it in a tactful way. Many website owners put up enormous fonts of varying colors. This can have a detrimental effect on the overall beauty of the site. Many people try and build a site with too large of font, or too hard to read. Make sure a font stands out, while still being easy on the eye. Remember when standing out to make the rest of the site conform to the typography so people do not get lost.


When looking to improve the typography of a site, look around. It would be prudent to go to competitors sites to check out there ideas. Do not steal ideas, but researching can give one an idea on what will work for their site. When looking to see the best sites, find ones ranked highly. There is a reason why a site is ranked highly in search engines, because what they offer resonates with their customers.

Designing a site so that a customer can navigate it easily is important. Having well written content, along with a solid layout will keep customers returning. When the typography of a website is laid out well, the site will look that much better. Anyone should remember that they need to keep it simple.

Johnny Toro writes about blogging, website design and the latest technology at http://businessinsurance.org. 

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