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Hurricane Katrina: Help Needed

Volunteer Relief Force Is Needed

Probably everybody with some sort of means of communication knows about the Huricane Katrina. As it’s all over the news, I am not going to get into an article explaning the ins and outs of the hurricane, where it hit, how many people have evaquated, who is guilty of what.

Help is needed right now for those people who are now homeless, have no food and electricity and have no way to make it on their own because their resources have been destroyed by the hurricane.

You might think that with all the problems the rescue workers are having, it would be more difficult for you to help. You might be thinking that you are not even trained in handling this kind of things. Let me tell you something: If everybody knew exactly what to do, the situation would be handled by now. The point is: more help is needed. Something can be done about it.

There are several ways you can help. You can donate money, clothes or you can participate in volunteer relief efforts.

If you want to donate, here is a link to the Red Cross.

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