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Give Your Print Some LIFE

Many believe that since the dawn of email, online editorials, and social networks, print has been on a sharp decline in almost all of its forms from journalism to promotional material and further fields. Some would even go so far as to say that print is dead.

I, on the other hand, believe that print is still very much alive. New technology should not be seen as the death of this amazing form of media but instead it should be viewed as a new opportunity to invigorate its presence. This article will progress to share the ways in which new technologies and so called “competitors to print” can facilitate great printed designs and vice versa. This article will show how you can bring your print to LIFE…

A Square Full of Pixels

Who thought a tiny square full of pixels could help give print it’s second break with the rising popularity of video hosting sites such as YouTube. Invented in 1994, the QR code (Quick Response Code) was a matrix barcode, much faster than the standard barcodes you’d find on your box of milk or packet of cereal, which was created for an auto parts company to decode information at a high speed.


Fast-forward to 2012 and the QR code is something we’ve all been exposed to due to its ability to connect to URLs quickly with little effort. All you need is a smartphone with an in-built camera and you can scan one, which will link you through to whatever URL it contains.

As you can see from the Burger Revelation poster above, the QR code has been used to link through to a web page, which is a nice idea, but it doesn’t quite bring the print to LIFE! Fortunately some marketing agencies and creative minds have managed to merge print with video to truly give print a new lease of life. Have a look at this guy’s resume for example.

 If you’re looking to promote yourself using QR codes and design it’s a good idea to follow your resume through by getting some really high quality business cards printed with a QR code on them from a professional printing services provider like Solopress.

If you thought that was a creative way to promote yourself, take a look at how this creative agency promoted AXA using a print ad, a QR code, and a very cool video.

 Without a doubt QR codes are one of the simplest ways to give your print some movement so give it a try next time you’re looking to make something truly original.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an incredible way to bring your creation into the almost 3D realm. One of the pioneers in this movement is the Surrey based company String Labs Limited who have found a really innovative way to give users with IOS devices great user experience. And the amazing thing…it starts with print. Take a look at the video below.

Imagine housing a responsive creation within your original print design that admirers of your work can interact with. Unfortunately this isn’t as simple as just adding a QR code. You’d have to find an augmented reality engineer for this one.

Have a quick look at how String brought a dragon to life from a beautifully created piece of artwork.

Give It Depth…Lots Of It!

It’s weird to say it but there’s something to be learned from some street artists when it comes to graphic design for print. I’m not talking about graffiti or spray cans but instead the art of illusion.

This technique of artistry would be perfect for graphic designers to integrate in their magazine ads or any form of print that can be laid flat such as a billboard. The important thing to remember with this method of design is that the angle from which your audience sees it is vital to achieve the effect. Take a look at the example below.

If you were looking at this from another angle, it might not make much sense. It is however the least technological way of creating an impact with your design and using the art of illusion to bring it to life.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the handful of innovative ways that have brought print to life in the past few years and that it has inspired you to challenge yourself by creating a similar piece of print creation.

About the Author: Randal Whitmore is a blogger on most things creative and artistic who also blogs for the professional printing services provider Solopress.

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