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Does painless RGB to CMYK conversion exist?

Explore the advantages of the RGB workflow over the CMYK workflow

Everybody knows that images have to be in CMYK mode if a designer wants to output them with an offset press, right? Well, in certain cases this might not be true. When proper colour management is used, using RGB images for jobs that will be printed with any type of printer or press might actually present some advantages. In the article Does painless RGB to CMYK conversion exist? on American Printer, Julie Shaffer says:

Desktop publishing applications such as QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign also offer a way to convert color between color modes from the print or export options. Sometimes RGB to CMYK conversion is done incidentally from a desktop publishing application, as, for example, when RGB images are placed in QuarkXPress layouts, then output with the “Print Colors” option set to “Composite CMYK.” If Quark Color Management has not been enabled, this will convert any RGB image in the document to the CMYK color space using a built-in algorithm rather than ICC profiles. The resulting conversions often aren’t very pretty.

But when color management is set up properly in desktop publishing applications, placed RGB images can be converted quite successfully to CMYK.

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