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Design Adventure of the Day

Here I am on my way to work, half asleep on the train. Two studends are sitting nearby and at some point one goes,”A gradient filter is… hm… makes you go from dark to light, and maximises… Damn! I don’t remember and I just studied it!”

So, still half sleeping, I raise an eyebrow and think, “Maybe they are not talking about imaging.”

A third guy joins in and the same girl asks, “Since you have already studied it, what is ‘noise?'” He answers that he’s going to look at his notes and opens his copybook, he goes through his pages and says, “It’s something that doesn’t belong to a photo–then he looks at them and adds–Like a wrong colour or something.”

At that point I think, “Wait a minute” I kinda wake up and say, “Noise is dots on a photo, or scratches that don’t belong to the image.” Very simplified explanation of course and the word “dot” in the Italian version of that sentence makes more sense. The proper definition is here.

So I sit and think, “What the hell are people teaching at school?” And that’s when I think that having done tailored courses and on the job training actually helped me more than my design school. I thought my school was bad, but it doesn’t seem the only one.

What do you feel has helped you the most in your education?

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  • li

    IT seems counter-productive to state here, but what has been most educational in my education has been the undoing of it… The undoing of the thinking and “knowing” and the simply doing. Why Counter-Productive? Because I teach Photoshop!

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