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Recently I came across a site called Fakecircus. While the name deceived me at first, I had the pleasure to speak to the person who was behind the project and once I really understood what it is about, I decided to write about it.

This project is aimed at graphic design students or designers who are just starting up and need exposure. All you have to do, is to submit your artwork—you will get a web page where your work will be shown.

You might notice that the site asks for high resolution images, that is because one of the aims of the project is to also produce a magazine, to give you even more exposure. While nothing is finalized yet, the idea is to get the magazine printing funded by the Italian university Politecnico di Milano. However, as I said, this is not yet finalized and if you would like to help fund it or know someone who can, please send an email to submit@fakecircus.com

If you need help and want to showcase your work, this project is your opportunity to do so. It comes from the heart of designers who just want their fellow designers do well. As a note, all the rights of your work will remain yours.

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