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Creative Latitude: A Worldwide Community for the Creatives

Discover the Value of Professional Design

A designer doesn’t just create pretty pages. A designer gets a cross a communication. The way this is done, the effectiveness of the communication and so on are very important in marketing your company’s image, your new product or anything else you wish to promote.

Effective communication is achieved by those designers with the skills necessary to produce one. Creative Latitude will take you through the designers’ world and will show you their value and how a competent designer can reflect in a competent company image.

From Creative Latitude: “Creative Latitude is about promotion and education. Nope, we’re not talkin’ readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic. We seek to find ways to educate people about the creative process and the business value we, and our particular discipline, offer. Creativity, whether visual or the written word, affects people. It influences their thinking. Savvy enterprises understand this and use it. Creative Latitude is a place for sharp business people to find collaborators for their projects and learn about various trade practices, ethics and processes.”

Find out more about this professional and at the same time somewhat irreverent site at www.creativelatitude.com.

Creative Latitude

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