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Creating Your Own WordPress Theme

I love blogging and WordPress just makes it an even better experience; it’s a powerful blog platform and you can build an entire website based on it.

I am sure there are many people like me wanting to get in there and do some dirty work to create their own theme, but they just didn’t quite get to it for a reason or another.

Recently I came across two excellent guides, a free one for beginners just about WordPress and another one that goes more indepth, which tackles blogging in general and also WordPress (as well as Movable Type and other things.)

The first guide is from UrbanGiraffe. You will be walked through the dissection of the Kubrick theme and you will reach an understaning of how a WordPress theme works. You will also find out how to install WordPress on your own computer so you can create your own themes without having to use a remote hosting service; you can also use that to create a working back-up of a WordPress blog you already own.

The second guide was suggested to me by Caterine Morley, the project manager of Creative Latitude, and the creator of Designers Who Blog. It’s a book entitled Blog Design Solutions, of which you can read a review on Godbit Project. This is a comprehensive guide and if you want to get into the nitty-gritty stuff, I advise you to purchase it.

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