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Comic Sans Must Die

Professional designers will tell you that Comic Sans is used and abused just as much as Times New Roman. Some of them have sworn by their life they will never use Comic Sans. But is it right to kill a font like this, without interrogation or due justice procedures to find out its uses?

Samuel John Klein at Designorati:Typography brings to light an excellent explanation from Comic Sans designer, Vincent Connare.

Now, please, don’t use Rotisan for comic books, will you?


  • Dan

    I’ve been a fan of this font for years since it pertains to the business I deal with. However, what font would be up next? Trebuchet? Or?

  • Ian

    Funny. I use it in comic strips where anything else looks out of place.

    There is a right place for everything. It’s not the font at fault. It’s people!

  • Elisabetta Bruno

    I think the last sentence in this blog post has been missed: “Now, please, don’t use Rotisan for comic books, will you?”

    Which is a humorous way to say that Comic Sans does belong somewhere, in this case comic books or similar industry.

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