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How to Create a User-Friendly 404 Error Page

What is a 404 Error? What is a 404 Error page for? Is there a point to make it look less dull? Answers to all of these questions will be explored in this article, and you are most welcome to read on. There is an urban myth which tells the story of a room number 404 in the CERN building, …

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Importance of Typography in the Overall Design of Your Website

  Image by¬†Dmitry Baranovskiy. When designing a website, it is essential to design it with customers in mind. A well designed website will bring in, and keep more customers. A website should have well written content, and have a clear message. One should also leave out flash videos and audio files that can be detrimental to slow browsers. While keeping …

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What Are the Most Common Web Design Mistakes?

Let’s imagine that you have put your heart, soul, time and money into building the perfect website for your company. You’ve carried out a diligent search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign focussing on such elements of your site’s written content and link profile, and you’ve even employed web development professionals who have made the updating and maintenance of your website a …

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Adobe CS3 Overview

Adobe released Creative Suite 3 today, which is probably their biggest release ever. Since the merge with Macromedia a lot of speculation has gone on about which programs were to make it into the Suite and which ones were to be ditched. For the web designers who were wondering, GoLive has been replaced by Dreamweaver, for starters. You will find …

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Why Tables Are Bad

If you have ever put your nose into web design, you have probably heard that tables are bad for web design. Why is that? Tables are meant to be used for tabular information, not for positioning of layout elements. Not all browsers support tables is the second reason. The source code is also messy and complicated and makes it harder …

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