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Can QuarkXPress Open a QuarkXPress Passport File?

QuarkXPress Passport is the multi-language version of the standard or single language QuarkXPress. It contains all the features of the standard QuarkXPress plus additional support for multi-language publishing, including multiple dictionaries and a user interface that can be set for any of the languages supported by Passport.

QuarkXPress Passport files can be saved so that the standard single language QuarkXPress can open and read it. When saving a file, QuarkXPress Passport offers you the option to save the file as either “multiple language” or “single language”. If you choose “multiple language” only QuarkXPress Passport will be able to read the file. If you choose “single language” then the standard version of QuarkXPress will be able to open and read it.

Make sure that the QuarkXPress Passport file is saved in a compatible version. For example, if you have QuarkXPress 5, the person using Passport has to save the QuarkXPress document as version 5 or earlier, or you won’t be able to open it.

But, What is this “Multiple Language” Option?
QuarkXPress Passport allows you to use different languages in one document. This means that if you have Italian, German and Spanish in the same document, you will be able to apply the correct hyphenation as it applies to those languages. So you won’t wind up hyphenating German words following Italian grammatical rules or vice versa.

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