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Borrowed Logos: A Symptom of Market Void?

Many people in the design world might have probably heard about the dispute involving LogoWorks. Some of the logos presented by LogoWorks seemed to have been used and owned by other companies.

This is an instance that shows a possible market void in the world of design. A company providing design services, such as logos, should always have the clients in mind when doing so. If they cared about their clients and not just about making a few bucks, they would make sure their logos would be quality work and would not be copied from somebody else. It ruins the branding of the clients who use the logos as they are just copied “company identities”. That said, somebody who just buys a logo off a site like LogoWorks obviously doesn’t understand or isn’t bothered about branding, as it’s very unlikely that pre-made logos which do not target the company’s target market would forward any type of marketing strategy.

As I stated before this seems like a market void–companies who want to get cheap logos look for places where they can get one, often overlooking the positive effects that a well marketed company image can have for them. Factually we have two conflicting worlds here: the world of the professional designers who obviously want to get a proper exchange for their valuable work and the time they spend in designing and develop a branding strategy for their clients, and the world of the small companies/clients who might not afford certain expenses.

The answer to this would probably be designers whose only or main target is small companies as it is very likely that their fees reflect that. Yet designers’ work is valuable whichever type of client they work for/with. A better answer would probably be to educate clients on the importance of branding and marketing and how a pre-made logo cannot substitude a proper researched logo which is tailored for the client’s target market. Clients should be educated on what is behind the creation of a logo and how the work that goes into it will actually put the client in the position where he can afford things like proper promotion. Associations such as the the Professional Graphic Design Association can help achieve this.

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