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Blogs, Love or Hate?

Shai Coggins, from About Weblogs, posts a survey with a list of things about blogs for which you can express a preference. Do you like ‘hem? Do you hate ‘hem? As I needed a diversion , so I though I’d take the survey.

Love or Hate?

  1. Blogs: Love
  2. Podcasts: Love
  3. Vlogs: Love
  4. Comments: If they are not spam, I love them
  5. Trackback: Same as above
  6. Technorati: Love
  7. Bloglines: Not sure, I prefer Newsgator
  8. del.icio.us: Not sure, I use My Web
  9. Shoutbox/Tagboards: Don’t like them very much
  10. Blinkies: Hate
  11. Blog Buttons: If they are not fluorescent red and blinking like mad, they have their use
  12. Blog Quizzes: Can be fun
  13. Blog Surveys: Can be fun/useful, like this one
  14. Memes: Not really sure what they are about
  15. Splogs: Hate
  16. Skype: Nice
  17. Blogger.com: Sort of nice
  18. LiveJournal: Tried it, don’t like it
  19. WordPress: This blog is powered by WordPress, need I say more?
  20. Typepad: Nice, but it’s not free
  21. Xanga: Never tried
  22. Feedburner: Love
  23. Flickr: Love
  24. Blog Polls: Nice
  25. A-Lists/Bloggerati: How much time have I got to answer?
  26. Blog Networks: Love
  27. About Me/Profile Page: Cool, necessary in some cases
  28. Blog Traffic Exchange: Don’t hate it, don’t love it either
  29. Blogroll: Love
  30. Tags: Love
  31. Tip Jars: It depends on how they are used
  32. Ads on Blogs: Necessary evil if you live by blogging. Certain ads can be advertising something good, too
  33. Blog Clients: Can be useful, if you don’t use a blog platform like WordPress and Co.
  34. Gravatars: Cool to have, not necessary
  35. Mood Indicators: Love only on personal blogs. Don’t do this at work…
  36. Book/Music Lists: Love on personal or on relevant blogs
  37. Mailing Lists/Notifications: Love
  38. Stats/Counters: Stats – love. Counters – hate the ones that show you how many people have visited your site, readers can’t care less
  39. Blog Gear: Nice idea!
  40. Affiliate Links: Love, when done the right way


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