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Blog Addiction

Blogs, postcasts and all that stuff

More and more people are discovering the world of blogs and its power. Catherine Wentworth, project manager of Creative Latitude, is one of them. In her short of boring and lively article Blogs, Podcasts and All That Stuff, she describes her own experience with blogs and how addictive they have become for her:

Shortly after I’ve become a fallen blog lady, Black Sunday hit. CRASH! BANG! ZOOP!! Storms clouds thundered in from the northeast and the saga swept me up and carried me away. Before I knew it, I was blogging with the best, the worse, the average and the sane. Dipping here, linking there, I was hooked. Insanity reigned. It plowed a deep furrow in my time while laughingly rearing its power hungry head.

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Creative Latitude

  • Julie

    I guess anything you do more than what you used to tends to become an addiction. That goes with blogging. I still haven’t really known any MAJOR side effects of it yet; only, it takes a bulk of your time.

  • Denny

    In her comment to “Blogs, postcasts and all that stuff” Julie stated that she hasn’t heard about any major side effects of blogging except that blogging takes a lot of your time.

    Until recently, I would have agreed with Julie. But then I began reading about Internet addiction and how serious these dependencies can be. I began to better understood the seriousness of Internet addiction after reading the following statement made by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine: “The United States could be rife with Internet addicts as clinically ill as alcoholics.”

    Then I read a story that clearly illustrated how devastating online addictions can become. More specifically, in 2005, a 54-year-old male addict, unable to take a break from his online world, died from starvation. How was this possible you ask? Easy. For 7 weeks before his death, he posted comments on one forum after another every 30 seconds while refusing to eat anything.

    Since placing posts of forums is very similar to blogging, I am now a believer in the unhealthy and the destructive consequences of Internet and blogging addiction.


  • Elisabetta Bruno

    Wait a minute.

    If you read this article and the one I have linked to carefully, you will find that this is a fun and light article which isn’t addressing at all the broader problem problem of “Internet addiction.”

    It’s just about some dear friend, who’s also a kick butt designer, who is saying in a playfully manner how she got into blogging. That’s all there is to this article.

    In regards to addiction, there is always someone who just walks over that line, no matter the type of activity. It’s easy to take that one extreme case (or the few ones) and make it the norm, but that’s what journalists do. They like to be merchants of chaos.

    I have lots of healthy friends who have put the blog phenomenon to good use and are actually helping fellow designers through what they are writing. And this is not only happening in the world of design.

    Unfortunately, as for anything in this world, some sick people have the ability to turn something constructive into something destructive. But they are not the majority of people. They just make it look like it is so they can overwhelm the majority, otherwise they’d have no chance to influence people.

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