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Adobe InDesign Basics

A Free Class for Those Who Want to Learn InDesign

Here is the InDesign Class I have put together. You can find it on About Desktop Publishing and soon you will see tutorials from that class in Designorati.

This is a free Adobe InDesign course for those who do not have much experience with InDesign and want to learn how to use this program. The Adobe InDesign Basics course will give you the basics on which you can then develop further skills and become proficient at using this powerful layout program.

The InDesign course combines basic desktop publishing skills and graphics design principles with the specifics of how to use Adobe InDesign CS to create visual communications.

Learn the Terminology
In studying this course make sure you don’t pass any word you do not fully understand. If there is a word you don’t know or you are unsure of, make sure you fully clear it up.

Have you ever read through a whole page and then at the end of it you are totally blank about what you just read? That is because you have encountered a word that you did not fully understand and you didn’t clear it up. If you were interested in a subject and all of a sudden your interest on that subject dropped, you most likely passed a word you did not fully understand. Read this article to understand the barriers to study.

The First Lesson.
I will post each lesson one at the time. In the first lesson of the Adobe InDesign Basics class, I review the Work Area, Tools, and Palettes that make up the main screen. Read the full lesson on About Desktop Publishing.

Special thanks to Jacci Howard Bear for her numerous contributions to this class.

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