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16 Common Questions About Blogging

I have found an interesting blog entry by Steven Edward Streight. He brings up many questions which actually are very common, but that not always have answers. Even when I saw them at first I though: “I don’t know either”, but on the other side, I have never even asked those questions to myself, but others probably have.

Someone has answered to some already, but if you think you have got better answers, go ahead and share your knowledge.

Disclaimer: Of course you might wind up being hunged up on some of the questions too. You might not sleep at night because of it, or spend your days staring at your screen. But don’t balme me, I warned you after all.

Oh, and now that you are on Steven’s blog, take the opportunity to read a few more of his articles, they are about the usability of blogs and so on. A very helpful site for those in need of blog counselling.


  • steven streight aka vaspers the grate

    Thank you for being so gracious and complimentary to mean old vaspers.

    Nice looking blog. Lucky you, you’ve got good archive categories. I’m jealous.

    Incredible cool logo. and tagline: your wish is my design. Excellant.

  • Elisabetta Bruno

    Well, thanks for your kind words! You do have an interesting blog there and it’s now part of my link collection. Expect me to come and see it often. And as to the archives… oh well, you gotta suffer a little 😉

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